About the Burlington Library

The Burlington Community Library is a community-supported library located at the southwest corner of the junction of State Roads 29 and 22 in Burlington.  The address is 101 West 7th Street, Burlington, IN 46915, and the phone number is 765-566-3166.  Sheila Friedline is the Director.

The library offers free DSL Internet access and free Wi-Fi.  A large meeting room is also available for all sorts of gatherings.

Membership at the Burlington Community Library is open to those living in Burlington Township as well as those living in and around Cutler, Deer Creek, Carrollton, and Bringhurst.  There are no membership fees.

History of the Library

In 1980, a small group of retired teachers and others in the Burlington area met together with the vision for a local library that would enrich the lives of their community, as well as its volunteers.  Countless people worked together to make this vision a reality.  After a year of planning, the Burlington Community Library opened its doors to the public at a local home on Monday, July 15, 1981.

In the beginning, the library was operated by volunteers and funded entirely by donations and fund-raising projects.  All books were donated.

Over the course of the next sixteen years, the library was housed at four different locations in town.  In 1997, the Burlington Community Club generously purchased the building at the junction of State Roads 29 and 22 for the library.  Extensive renovations were done, with volunteers leading the way.  In 2005, a part-time director was hired by the board to oversee daily library functions.

Today, the original vision remains as our focus.  Volunteers faithfully serve by covering shifts and helping with tasks.  Annual contributions from the Town of Burlington and Burlington Township Trustee cover operating expenses.  We continually look for ways to better serve and enrich the lives of our patrons and community members.

The Burlington Community Library is grateful to all who have volunteered their time and talents, and to all who have donated books or have contributed monetarily.  The Library is a testament of many dedicated people who over the years, have believed in the vision that a community-supported library can accomplish great things.