"Burlington!  Where Hospitality Is Second To None"

If it's small town Hoosier hospitality you're looking for, we have it.  Burlington is located on the southern edge of Carroll County, where State Roads 29 & 22 intersect.

Burlington is over 600 civic-minded citizens who are proud of their town and it shows.  Burlington is home to one of the finest, well-kept community parks in the state.

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Library Summer Reading Program

Summer hours begin May 10.
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9 am - 3 pm & Wednesdays 5-8 pm

Our  Summer Reading program sign-up starts May 17th.  Our summer reading programs will be held on Wednesday evenings. Our first event will be held on June 7th and continue weekly.      Pre-registration will be required for events that will have limited space.  

For more information about upcoming events at the library, visit the library blog page.

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Upcoming Community Club Events

The Burlington Community Club will host an Independence Day Celebration on Sunday, July 2 at the community park.

The Burlington Fall Festival will be held September 8-10 at the park. 
For vendor booths for the festival, please contact Dick Richardson at
(574) 702-1150.

Town of Burlington Solicitation Information

Individuals or groups selling items out of their vehicle or door to door must have a license issued through the town office before soliciting to persons in town limits. This license must be purchased and secured several days in advance of canvassing town.  Certain groups are exempt, such as Girl and Boy Scouts, community organizations, etc.  

For full details of the town's soliciation ordinance, click hereThe ordinance may also be viewed at Town Hall.  The application can be printed from here, but persons wishing to solicit business in town must physically appear before the town clerk to secure a license. 

Chickens and Rabbits in Town Limits

• A permit must be obtained first through the Carroll County Area Plan Commission.  They can be reached at 765-564-4468.
• No roosters are allowed.
• The sale of poultry, eggs or meat on the premises is prohibited.
•  There are other parameters in place for chickens and/or rabbits.  Refer to the Carroll County Zoning Ordinance, pages 34 and 35 for details. 

The town council has adopted the county zoning ordinance and all permits are processed through the county.