Township Trustee

Burlington Township is one of 14 townships in Carroll County, IN.  The town of Burlington is located in Burlington Township.  According to the 2000 census, the population of Burlington Township is approximately 1,560.  As a reminder, please cooperate with census workers as the 2020 census is completed.  The trustee and the township board are the township government.  They are elected every four years.  There are three township board members (listed to the right in blue).
The township supports many things in the Burlington community.  The major areas of support are listed below:

Burlington Volunteer Fire Department

The Burlington Volunteer Fire Department is an independent volunteer department that is heavily supported by funds from the township.  The township provides the fire budget for the telephone/internet service, electric, heat, fuel, insurance, repair and maintenance on the trucks as well as a small clothing allowance for the firemen.  The Cumulative Fire Fund is maintained for the purpose of purchasing new equipment.  Burlington Township is fortunate to have an outstanding volunteer fire department.

Township Assistance

There is not a large demand for township assistance in Burlington Township.  However, an additional appropriation was needed last year as the economy did have an impact on our community.  The budget in this area was increased for 2010 as the need increased.  This fund has been used to give families a boost to get over tough times.  Most, if not all use this opportunity very wisely and have not abused this privilege.  On a very positive note, many organizations and individuals shared with those in need during the Christmas season.  The trustee's office was contacted by these organizations and individuals to reach those who could use a boost during the holiday season.  The recipients were very grateful for the food and gifts.  There is a need year around, so if you are interested, contact the trustee's office for ways to help.
The procedure for financial assistance from the township is to complete an application for review.  Necessary documents, such as electric and/or gas bills are provided.  The trustee contacts the appropriate providers for verification.

A determination is made within three week days.  Township Assistance clients are then notified by mail regarding the action taken.  Request for assistance should be made prior to utilities being shut off by the providers.  Township Assistance Guidelines are reviewed annually and are available at the Trustee's office.

For information regarding assistance call 566-2196.

Burlington Community Park

The Park is a joint effort between the Town of Burlington and Burlington Township.  This has been a great venture for over 30 years.  There is a joint park board with members representing the town and township.  The success of this park is primarily due to the great volunteer and cooperative effort of many from the community.

Burlington Community Library

The Township has financially assisted the Burlington Community Library for several years.  As many things in a small community, the volunteers make the library a great place to visit.

4-H Club

Few people realize that the township supports the local 4-H club.  There are many who take advantage of this opportunity.


An area that the township supports is the cemeteries that either have been abandoned or that are in need of financial assistance for regular maintenance. A portion of unused 2011 budget money has been used to refurbish the tombstones in Cline Cemetery as well as several stones in Hyde Park Cemetery. The finished stones have been restored to their original color, they set straighter and the cemetery is proud once again. It is hoped that this work will continue during the Spring of 2013.

The vision is to restore these stones with volunteer help being guided by a professional. If you have an interest in this project let the trustee know and your name will be kept on file as this project moves forward. Take time to visit these historical sites.