Park Projects

The Burlington Community Park Board is an appointed group of volunteers from both the town and township. The Park Board works with the Community Club, Junior Baseball League, and Kiwanis Club to maintain and improve the Burlington Community Park. The improvement projects that have been completed recently include:
  1. Assisted the Junior League with the replacement of the backstop on the north baseball diamond.
  2. Teamed with the Community Club and Kiwanis Club to conduct a “clean-up the park day” to clean, spread mulch, and trim bushes and trees around the playground and community buildings.
  3. Worked with the Community Club to install a PA system in the Lilly Building.
  4. Worked with the Community Club to install a projector and screen that can be used for presentation/meetings in the Community Building.
Please note that the Park Board has responsibility of overseeing and maintaining the park grounds. However, the Community Club has responsibility for renting the Community Building and the Lilly Building while the Junior League is responsible for scheduling/renting the baseball diamonds.

Each year, the Park Board discusses projects that can be completed to help maintain and enchance the park.

A few maintenance projects under consideration are:
  1. replace AC units for the community building
  2. replace electric water heaters with quick recovery gas water heaters
  3. plan for the annual fall lawn treatment.
Projects often need the assistance of community volunteers.  If you would like to help with future projects, please contact a park board member.