Burlington Town Council


The Burlington Town Council meets regularly the Second Tuesday of each month at 7PM at Town Hall.  The Town Hall is located in Northgate Plaza, next to Dollar General. 

Council Members
  • Burlington Town Council - 765-566-3672
  • Steve Michael - Council President
  • Kevin Hammond - Council Vice-President
  • Jim Enoch - Council Secretary
Clerk-Treasurer and ADA Coordinator

Ordinance Information
Ordinance 1984-5    Garage/Yard Sales
Ordinance 99-01      Sewer Use
Ordinance 2003-2    Sewer Rates and Charges
Ordinance 2010-1  Golf Carts
Ordinance 2011-4  Building Standards
Ordinance 2011-3  Prohibiting the Maintaining of a Public Nuisance on any Public or Private Property
Ordinance 2013-1  Removal of Weeds, Tall Grasses and Other Rank Vegetation
Ordinance 2017-2  Establishing Rates for Abatement Charges for Town Cleanup of Properties in Violation of Ordinances 2011-3 & 2013-1
Ordinance 2014-7  Flood Hazard Areas for The Town of Burlington, Indiana
Ordinance 2015-2  Replacement of Sidewalks in the Town of Burlington
Ordinance 2015-7 Sales and Solicitation
Ordinance 2018-4  Animal Control

Recycling Information

Recycling materials may be taken over to the transfer station by Delphi.  For a list of materials accepted, location and hours, click here.