"Burlington!  Where Hospitality Is Second To None"

If it's small town Hoosier hospitality you're looking for, we have it.  Burlington is located on the southern edge of Carroll County, where State Roads 29 & 22 intersect.

Burlington is over 600 civic-minded citizens who are proud of their town and it shows.  Burlington is home to one of the finest, well-kept community parks in the state.

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2017 Annual Report

To view the Town of Burlington's 2017 Annual Report information, visit this link:  https://gateway.ifionline.org/report_builder/ .

There are several reports you can choose to view.  Click on a report and choose the following from the drop down boxes: Choose Carroll County, 2017, City/Town for Unit Type and Burlington Civil Town.  Click View Report.

To View to 2017 Cash and Investments Combined Statement, click here.